Avoid these Common Website Blunders for Businesses Offering Aruba Activities

At the start of this year, the Internet has approximately 1,805,260,010 websites, according to the January 2018 Web Server Survey of Netcraft. A quick search of Aruba activities yielded 50.8 million hits. You are probably among the almost 2 billion websites on the planet, but is being on the internet enough for your business to thrive?

Sure the market is already on the Internet, but with millions of other competitor sites how sure are you that your target market will buy your service? You don’t want customers to just visit the site, you want them to stay, browse, and buy your service. However, with a lot of other websites offering the same products and services for Aruba activities, what makes you stand out?

Why do You Need a Good Website?

With all the noise and clutter on the internet, you want to give your customers a user-friendly and valuable experience in navigating your website and better experience in buying what you have to offer.

Netcraft’s estimate shows that out of the over 1.8 billion sites, only 172 million are active. Good websites are go-to sites for customers. This means that if you get most of the traffic for the keyword search “Aruba activities,” and if you are able to convert the traffic to clients then your business is doing great.

Common Mistakes Businesses Make In Their Websites

If you are serious with your business then you must get more serious on your online presence. Having a domain is not enough. It needs a lot of work, which, sadly, most business owners don’t realize. Here are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid when managing your website:

  • No results tracking

     A good business knows what to do in the field. When you place your business name on the Internet, you need to track your goals with Google Analytics and see whether you are making money from pay per click ads, or if you have reached the traffic you are targeting.

  • 2. Do not know their audience

    When you do business, getting to know your audience is a basic requirement to survive. You wrote a content to target Customer A on Aruba activities but Customer B has been paying you a lot of visitors lately. If you are not sensitive enough and not even tracking your analytics, neglecting Customer B’s needs means losing an opportunity.

  • 3. Do not know their competitors

    Some business owners are not paying attention to what their competitors do. Studying the competition will help you improve your service by learning from them and their strategies. Of course, you need to stay unique, but there are good practices of competitors that are worth emulating.

  • 4. No idea about the digital marketing

    If you rely too much on others without studying the market yourself then you are not getting what you want. Even if you hire a good team of an online marketing agency, if you do not know how things work, then you might not work well with even the best of digital techies because you have no idea how things work. You do not need to be an expert but you need marketing literacy to know how things happen.

  • 5. A page that is not mobile-friendly

    In the US, Most people today spent almost six hours per day browsing the Internet. But more than half of them browse on mobile phones. If your page is still not mobile-ready, your search ranking is compromised and you are unable to reach your target market for Aruba activities.

  • 6. Low-quality content

    To rank up on search engines, websites need to offer quality contents on their websites. Quality content should be relevant to your audience. When you engage your audience with your content, you also have the opportunity to make them stay longer on your site and get them to act and take your service.

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